Quality Control

Healthcare: The state-of-the-art laboratory set-up is equipped with facilities for chemical and instrumental analysis. Capable of undertaking the most comprehensive tests, the laboratory has equipment sourced from internationally renowned suppliers. To build quality through every step of production, there is a separate team for in-process quality assurance (QA) and finished products’ testing at the end.

Our Quality Control laboratory is an accomplished laboratory and is placed amidst few pharma companies to attain the vital GLP certification.

Lubricants: Coral Lubricants is committed to providing quality products that perform as promised. We believe that the fluids that go into our customers’ equipment are only as good as the supplier that provides them. Therefore, we implement strict quality control procedures to ensure our products maintain the highest quality standards. A few of these quality control processes include:

  • » The plant undergoes an annual audit
  • » We test every bulk delivery we receive
  • » We have continuous training to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends

Quality Management through Proper Storage and Handling:

We understand that the lubricants and fluids you use are the life-blood of your equipment. As part of our quality management program, we ensure that all products are handled, labeled, and dispensed correctly throughout each phase of the delivery process.

Clothing: With a good eye for quality, our employees accurately view, inspect and evaluate the collected goods. The items are sorted according to 200 categories that range from “top fashion” to “environmentally friendly and reusable” into a total of 14 groups, such as coats, pants, jackets, dresses, skirts, outer garments, parkas, t-shirts and sweatshirts for sports, blouses, sweaters, shirts and children’s clothing. Only clean and intact clothing gets a place in our assortment. We guarantee this for our partners and customers of many years in our modern sorting facility with highly motivated employees.